Benefits of Joining Student Pharmacist Association

  • Posted on: 30 November 2014
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

For any serving pharmacy student, joining a student pharmacist association is always recommended as it comes with a myriad of benefits. This is especially true if the association is vocal and professional thus providing the desired services to pharmacy students from different practice settings. The association is normally committed to serving, promoting and advancing the students profession in pharmacy within the region of representation. Below are some of the benefits associated with student pharmacy association membership.

Career strengthening opportunities

Being part of a student association exposes you to greater education opportunities which are designed to keep you fully updated on the latest information. This also helps increase your knowledge as a student thus giving you an edge in your studies especially through different association titles through association shops and platforms.

Wider network

The pharmacy student association gives you an opportunity to interact with other students at annual exposition and meetings. Meeting other students within pharmaceutical field is always easy if you are part of the association since you can enjoy well established network sites. Student members have an opportunity to join different groups under the association’s umbrella including special interest groups and academy sections. Student pharmacists also have the opportunity to meet and connect with other students through the association’s regional meetings and chapter events. As a member student, you get to meet more people with shared interests in the industry.

Professional advocacy

The student pharmacy association offers members with a unified voice in support of their causes. The association provides policy makers with an increased awareness on issues that are of concern to the students and the role played by pharmacists in dealing with medication use crisis. As a student member, you can trust the association to work tirelessly to affect guidelines on your behalf. These advocacy initiatives provide you with the best way to make your voice heard.

Advertise your professionalism

Being a part of the ever increasing number of student pharmacist member works as a catalyst for you to pride in your profession. This is also a great way to be part of the reforms being implemented in the health care industry as you add your voice to advocacy for positive regulations and legislation. Association members also benefit from the exposure that comes with such membership especially when it comes to recommendations for employment.

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Get scholarships

The student pharmacist association can help members to access helpful scholarships especially for those who achieve academic success, leadership and grassroots advocacy. Additionally, as a member you will be able to receive rewards associated with achievement and services offered to the association or in the profession. This is a great support for students seeking to enhance their skills in the industry, before perhaps going out to get jobs working for pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson, Novartis or Pfizer.

The association also offers a great opportunity to members to reach their communities extensively thus gaining practical, useful hands-on skills through different patient care projects. This is always a great way to prepare you for the future while at the same time developing your skills in leadership as you participate in different training sessions and workshops. There are also volunteer leadership positions available for the pharmacist student association members suitable for developing suitable leadership skills. You will access great resources, career information and unique experience designed to help you meet your goals.